• Himanshu Atre

    Himanshu Atre

    Musings on the History and Future of Money, Payment Technology, Economics, Monetary theories, and life in general. Also on himanshuatre.substack.com

  • Indrani Chatterjee

    Indrani Chatterjee

  • Kevin Gaughan

    Kevin Gaughan

  • Juan Alberto Cirez

    Juan Alberto Cirez

    Software Engineer, Entrepreneur & Private Researcher in NW Alberta, Canada. Digs: S.T.E.M, Economics, Languages, IoT, Machine Learning, Music, Abstract Thinking

  • Anindya Sen

    Anindya Sen

    Lover of all things Art, Culture and Heritage. Museum Buff. Avid Traveller. Trivia Seeker. Etymologist. Former Marketer. Like to wander and wonder.

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